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Chase The Runner's High In A Whole New Way

Virtual Run is an immersive fitness experience for runners, joggers and walkers of all skill levels. Using Augmented Reality, you can record, race and compete with yourself and your friends. Virtual Run pushes you to achieve your top physical form. 

How does it work?

At the press of a button, Virtual Run records running data using your mobile device's global positioning system. This running data is sent to our server, to be loaded and replayed anytime by you or your friends.

While racing against a "ghost", or a previously recorded run/jog/walk, you will receive notifications every mile and when you are catching up / falling behind your competition. You can then glance at your phone to keep track of your position relative to your opponent using augmented reality, viewing your opponent appear as if they are running right next to you in the real world.

Our Services


Free To Start

$ 0.00

Free-tier users can access all of Virtual Run's core features, including the ability to record and playback runs of themselves and their friends.



In-game advertisements

Sponsored avatar attire

3 uploads per week

Recordings up to 10 minutes


Premium Subscribers

$ 4.99 / month

Premium users get access to all the core content of the free model, as well as additional pro and customization features.



No advertisements

Ability to choose avatar's attire

Unlimited weekly uploads

No recording time limits


Fitness Statistics


Invest In The Future

$ 599.99

Investors will be the first to receive our AR running wearable eyeglass kit at this discounted price (MSRP ~$899). This will allow for seamless use of Virtual Run without having to interact with a phone, providing a next-level immersive competitive experience.



Discounted Premium Subscription at $2.99 / month starting now

Wearable running kit by 2026

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